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We are developing what a progressive art shop should be today and what it could be tomorrow. We are exploring the ways that people find out about, experience and buy within the arts, online and in the real world. Things are changing and we are too...

Today we have an online store and real world presence in pop-up shops. Where this goes tomorrow will be influenced by emerging technologies and buying habits and that’s where you come in. Would you be willing to help support creatives and what would you like in return?



The traditional arts establishment has a tendency to create hierarchies in terms of artist profile and cost of work. It's a managed game with the rules and winners decided by a handful of influential galleries. It's fickle, extreme and hard to gain access for the majority of artists.

Online arts business currently sit in a precarious position. Some seek venture capitalist money on a rotation to survive and in this process become beholden to investors. Others sell bad work at inflated prices to new buyers that haven't yet developed an understanding of the arts and should be better served.

There has to be a better way. We are going to give artists and designers that have talent and commitment a chance to shine. We will promote their work through various campaigns, sell online and in real world pop-ups. We'll try new things- sometimes it will be a little unorthodox. We're open minded about what we'll try next. We will do what we can to help them develop their practice and commercialise.


ARTS CHANNELS Arts collaborates with creatives across the arts spectrum and presents their work in 3 channels- ART, POP and ISO. This easy to digest format means that wherever you fit on that spectrum in terms of your creative interests, you'll be able to discover and buy work that interests you.



Our aim is to make make quality, progressive, affordable art and design available to everyone through Arts. We sell accessible work that has an edge- it has a meaning, it's fuelled by a rich, ambitious practice or it's just damn good.

We'd like to lower the barrier into arts buying. We invest in promotions for our creatives to boost their profile and make sales in an increasingly fickle market. We use mechanisms like free print models to allow buyers to take a risk and get involved.

If you’re a new or experienced collector, we’ll have something for you. We also produce bespoke collections and can offer curation advice for #artsouls.



Do you know an outstanding creatives that we should be collaborating with? Let us know!


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