Creative Collaboration



Our collaborative projects are used as a vehicle to help artists develop a meaningful, viable and on-going practice. We seek to expose their art to wider audiences to provide access to as many people as possible while opening up new career opportunities for these creative collaborators.


Each creative collaboration we embark upon kicks off with these questions: How does this benefit your practice? Who should see this work?

We develop a project that challenges the artist with a new area for investigation, a further development or a new technique. We conduct video interviews with these artists that challenge their creative process.

We ask creatives to think about how their practice is developing and how it relates to contemporary culture and developing markets. Through our collaborations, interviews and promotion, we seek to expose the practice of these artists to new and wider audiences.

The choice of venue, artist, curation and delivery are key factors in engaging new, sometimes, unsuspecting audiences.


The projects that we create are unique and the results of a creative process with the artists we collaborate with. We invest in promotions to to broad and varied audiences to increase visibility and bolster profiles an increasingly fickle and polarised market.

Through collaborations, prints, collections, exhibitions, pop ups, interviews, articles and promotion we have vehicles to help new or established artists.



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